Air Queen Breeze FFP2 nano filter mask
CE, FDA & Halal certified

Filter efficiency: ≥97%
Nano filter: Filters particles up 0,1µm
Filter system: 3 filter layers for extra safety

Breath easy with extra low inhalation- and exhalation-resistance

Standard: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP2 NR
Certificate No.: 2163-PPE-1433

Size: B 75mm, L 207mm
Weight: only 4,38 Gramm
Storage: min. 36 months

Packaging: For maximum safety, each mask is delivered sterile and in individually sealed packaging.

Container: Contains 10 pieces of masks
Carton: Contains 600 pieces of masks

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Air Queen Benefits

  • Air Queen° nano-filter technology – filters particles down to 0,1µm

  • >97% particle filtration (exceeding the 95% threshold for FFP2/N95)

  • FFP2 certified mask (FDA-approved N95 equivalent)

  • CE, FDA and Halal certified

  • Certified and tested according to highest quality standards

  • High filter durability & moisture resistance

  • Breathe easy – with lowest breath resistance

  • Perfect tight fit with nose and chin cover

  • No more extensive fog on glasses

  • Ultra-light and maximum comfort with only 4,38g weight

  • Breathable 3-layer nano filter

  • High air permeability

  • Skin comfort / very good skin compatibility

  • Exact fit with wide nosepiece for different face shapes

  • Comfortable elastic earband

  • Exceptionally low weight

Safe & reliable.

CE certification
Air Queen nano masks are CE FFP2 certified.
Certificate holder: TOPTEC CO., LTD.
Certificate nr: 2163-PPE-1433
EN 149+A1:2009 module B, EU type examination certificate
Verify CE certification here!

FDA certification
Air Queen nano mask is cleared FDA 510K premarket notification under K172500 as surgical mask, class 2 device.
Verify FDA certification here! FDA 510K No: K172500

HALAL certification
Air Queen masks are certified by the Korea Halal Authority”KHA” according to KHAS-29000 general standards for industrial halal products. Certification No: KHA-20F-00362904

Air Queen - CE, FDA, Halal certified FFP2 respiratory masks

The Air Queen mask in comparison

Comparison standard N95 KF94 AIR QUEEN
Country USA Korea Korea
Filter performance
(has to be ≥ X% efficient)
≥95% ≥94% ≥97%
Test agent NaCl NaCl and paraffin oil NaCl and paraffin oil
Flow rate 85L/min 95L/min 95L/min
Totale Inward Leakage  (TIL)*
tested with humans while
physical exercise
N/A ≤ 8% Leakage
(arithmetic mean)
≤ 2.5% Leakage
(arithmetic mean)
Inhalation resistance
(max pressure drop)
≤ 348 Pa ≤ 70Pa (at 30L/min)
≤ 240 Pa (at 95L/min)
≤ 33Pa (at 30L/min)
≤ 112 Pa (at 95L/min)
Flow rate 85L/min Varying – see above Varying – see above
Exhalation resistance
(max pressure drop)
≤ 245 Pa ≤ 300 Pa ≤ 175.1 Pa
Flow rate 85L/min 160L/min N/A
Exhalation valve leakage
Leak rate ≤ 30L/min Visual inspection after
300L/min for 30 sec
Applied force -245 Pa N/A N/A
Co2 clearance requirements N/A ≤ 1% ≤ 1%

Information according to manufacturer


Halal certificate

How it works?

Use Air Queen masks safely – in a few simple and intuitive steps …

1. Open the packaging

Open the sealed package and pull out your Air Queen mask.

2. Remove the mask

Gently pull the straps of your Air Queen mask to avoid tangling.

3. Preform mask

Open your Air Queen mask so that it looks like a scoop. The imprint of the certification should always be on the outside.

4. Put on the mask

Now hold your Air Queen FFP2 mask by the tabs and put them on.

5. Cover your nose, mouth and chin

Make sure you cover your nose, mouth and chin with the mask when you put it on.

6. Fasten mask

Now fasten the mask with the elastic straps behind your ears or with the help of the quick release.

7. Seal the mask

Now shape the nose clip along your nose so that the mask fits you as closely as possible.

Tip: The mask fits perfectly if there is a slight but noticeable suction on the mask while you breathe in – or the mask inflates a little bit when you exhale.


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